It’s time to celebrate ourselves, our shared experience of being 50 and over, as mature, confident and beautiful women. Join us in telling your story through compelling, contemporary magazine style images.

I’m photographing 50 women 50 and over and I’d love for you to be one of them. Imagine your very own photoshoot, with professional hair and makeup, wardrobe styling, custom lighting and masterful posing guidance.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Acknowledge our common bond as

Women of the 21st Century

 How much does it cost? The fee to participate is $349

 The Experience includes the following:

Consultation with Andrea (in the studio, on Zoom or on the phone) to determine how you’d like to be photographed: wardrobe styling, access to a hair and makeup artist (additional fee may apply)

One (1) hour photo session with Andrea (2 wardrobe changes)

One (1) beautiful re-touched matted print (ready for framing) with corresponding high resolution digital file

Viewing and ordering session (over zoom or in person): reveal of 20 -25 of your most beautiful images. Choose your gift print at this time and any other products.

Video Interview about your “WHY”

Featured article in the “50 Over 50 Experience Magazine” and Video



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  • Complete your payment of $349 + tax = $375
  • You must be 50 yrs. or more by the time of the shoot


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    After our phone conversation, you’re invited to the studio (or a Zoom call) for your complimentary consultation. We’ll share ideas for your dream shoot, and begin to style your wardrobe. Then on the day of your shoot, you’ll have access to a professional hair and makeup artist, and with gentle direction from me, you will move into poses that will reveal not only your natural beauty but your essence as well. You’ll discover a feeling of self-worth that’s been there all along, but may have been forgotten until now. 



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    After the reveal of your beautiful portraits, you’ll have the opportunity to pick your single favorite image as part of your package, and may choose to purchase additional prints at this time.

    For far too long we’ve been the ones behind the camera instead of in front of it. We cater to others, and tend to forget what we’re about in the day-today hustle and bustle. It’s time for us to take back our glory, that other self that may have been hidden for years.
    Is there a milestone that you’ve hit, a change in your life you never expected or do you simply want to celebrate being alive?
    What better way to have yourself reflected back at you than in beautiful, authentic images of yourself.
    Objections to being photographed fall by the wayside when you put yourself in my hands: If you’ve wanted to lose a few..I’ve got you covered with miraculous posing, lighting and styling. My expert retouching doesn’t change who you are. It brings out the best in you. A lot of the final results depend on styling. I work with you to choose clothing that enhances your finished look.
    As far as “What will I do with all these images of myself?” They will remind you of a wonderful day when you chose to exclaim..”Here I am, world!”

    Want to learn more?

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    Can I purchase more than the single image that’s included with the special promotion?

    Yes, you’re welcome to add any single image or package you choose at the time of the reveal. 

    Additional single images are $275 each. You may pay with cash, check or credit card.

    Where does the photo session take place?

    At my studio: 620 Del Sol Street, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

    OK but I’ve never been photogenic. I don’t want to be disappointed.

    Put yourself in my hands. I specialize in TRANSFORMATIONS. The images I take of you will show a relaxed, confident beautifully dressed and pampered woman ready to take on the world. You’ll be celebrating a discovery of “self” that’s long overdue.

    Can we include my friends or family in these pictures?

    Of course. I’d love to take images that reflect you surrounded by loved ones. Extra charges may apply.

    All purchased prints come with corresponding high resolution digital files. Additional Custom matted prints start at $275 each.

    Folio collections start at $1500 (6 prints) and go up from there. My Gold Folio Collection (10 Prints) and Platinum Folio Collection (20 prints) include a luxurious photo Reveal Box. Imagine your beautiful prints displayed in your home as part of your decor. The Reveal Box is a living frame that allows you to easily exchange one image for another whenever you like. This luxurious heirloom Folio Reveal Box protects your prints for many years to come.


    It’s your time to shine

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